Wayne Warner Returns With New Studio Album
It’s been a few years since Warner “Turbo Twanged” radio. And what a “few years” it’s been. The forced time off for the “hermetic” artist allowed time for recovery from health issues as well as lessons in becoming a single dad and to mourn the loss of one of his best friends. The “messy with elegance” singer looks at the time as a “growing” period on all fronts. “You can get lost out there on the road in more ways then just geographically”. Say’s Warner, “The time off in “artistic hiding” allowed me to refocus on myself, my faith, my music and my children. It also allowed me a lot of time to work with my associated “Melodical Hearts Foundation” and to record an album I have wanted to make void of committee”

As such, the album title “WHAT LINES ?” is the obvious title for the new album. It’s Wayne, but even better.
A voice stronger, confident and seasoned with more of life. His catch phrases still hold hidden but strong transmissions with unbelievable hooks. His one time producer, the legendary Harold Shedd, stated that, With Wayne Warner, you don’t just hear the songs, you feel them”. One listen to “Unbroken” and you will find that there are no speaker covering fabrics in existence that can hold back the emotion with breathless authority yet with some vulnerability. “Sung with the emotion of a thousand men crying” says Fox News Joey Salvia“. The album is a ride, a journey that only seems to last seconds but leaves you refreshed with its own sound, fun beats, ballads, feelings and thoughts. It still has his signature sound but a bit more in your face. It’s an “Artists Album” that colors and paints many moods and audio art that asks - “What Line’s”?

The album includes many of his friends and artists for whom Warner is “such a fan.” The Duet with Bonnie Tyler “SOMETHING GOING ON” was a great honor for Wayne. “Singing with Bonnie was a WOW in caps” says Warner. “She is as amazing, tuff and sweet as her voice is.” When the studio musicians knew this was a record with Bonnie, an energy filled the air and made its way to digital format. She is an “artist’s artist” and I will always view the experience and the song as a career highlight.” While the song was originally recording with a top country artist, personal conflicts kept the song in limbo and Warner is now very happy that the song was not released. “Bonnie has always been ahead of her time and is perfect for this song. When you listen to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. She is timeless and sounds fantastic.” The song is a fun back and forth up-beat and Warner and Tyler play off each other in a rhythmic way that only such pros could do.
Wayne Warner doesn’t fit the mold.” Says Music City News: “Which mold, you ask? Doesn’t matter: Pick any mold you like; Warner doesn’t conform to its expectations. He is, for example, a rebel by appearance, from the tattoo on his arm to his careless coiffure. Yet in his conversation he is the soul of gentility, deferentially polite, not to mention urbane and imaginative; he speaks the way many musicians wish they could write, in a flow of witty twists and metaphors that suggest a rare verbal virtuosity.”

From a musical family in Northern VT., He makes several trips to Nashville aligned himself with famed producer Harold Shedd and joined the Atlantic Records roster until their closing. Now on B-venturous Records, the intensely private artist has many ascending projects in the works with his music and with “The Melodical Hearts foundation”. An organization he founded to use the power of music to make a difference.
“For me“ say Warner, its not about how high you can get on a chart, its about what you can do with however high you get”.