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Making History With History.



   Known for his projects with making music matter, Wayne Warner and his associated Melodical Hearts Foundation, are once again producing a ground breaking song and video. The approach to bringing today’s concerns to life with mega stars and music has had a powerful impact.

    The foundation was started by former Atlantic Records Nashville artist Wayne Warner who felt that there had to be more to his career than tour buses and signing autographs. Warner, a father of adopted and foster children produced the first project “God Bless The Children” and features  Statler Brothers tenor singer and Country Music Hall of Fame member Jimmy Fortune, CMA Entertainer of the Year Taylor Swift, along with many more household names.. The song and video went on to become one of the most successful adoption PSA campaigns for The Dave Thomas Foundation.






   Nashville’s top musicians have gathered to record tracks for the song and video “Painted Hands”. While touring across the country, Warner found himself captivated by the tragic story of Virgil Ware. At the age of just thirteen, Ware was a victim of events related to the 1963 civil rights movement. “The story of this little boy pulled me in and I knew it had to be told,” says Warner. When hearing the stories of today’s equality issues (ie, bullying, social, racial, etc.) Warner felt that Virgil’s soul could have a voice in a way that would weave many of these issues together.

    While usually working with high profile artists, this project will spotlight independent artists. Artists from each state are signing on to become a united choir representing the 50 states. Country Music is well known for offering its time, treasure and talent to help great causes. The “Painted Hands” production presents a great platform where all come together to promote each other and the message of unity on all fronts. Additionally, radio stations from each state are offering their endorsements for this historic project.

     A song from all artists participating from each state will be included on the “Pained Hands” album project. This double disc and DVD package will also include our previous productions “God Bless The Children”, Dare The World, and “Black And White Rainbows”. This is especially exciting as it allow all artists to join the fantastic and talented hearts featured in these works such as Taylor Swift, Bryan White, and many more who make their music matter – getting out a positive message allowing the gift of music to make a difference.


  “Painted Hands” is a song covering many heavy topics, and one that will touch hearts, and hopefully – heal souls. Its proof that music remains the universal language and that unity fosters amazing achievements. 

   Other works of The Melodical Hearts Foundation

“Dare The World” Featuring Bryan White, Mila Mason, Linda Davis, John Berry, Jimmy Fortune, Mark Collie, Kevin Sharp and Willie



“Black And White Rainbows”




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 Warner’s new album What Lines?” is slated for a 2012 release and features many great artists including a duet with icon Bonnie Tyler. “The second I heard her songs Total Eclipse Of The Heart and It’s A HeartacheI became a die hard fan. She’s as cool as she sounds and I am so honored to have her on this record” says Warner. The album also includes the Melodical Hearts production song/video “Black And White Rainbows, a tear tugging song about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse/addiction. Many years himself clean and sober, Warner states that the song was “the hardest thing I have ever done creatively”

   Warner, who has enjoyed success with songs such as Turbo Twang,” feels that as an artist, it’s not all about Soundscan numbers or positions on a play list. “For me, it’s not about how high you can get on a chart, it about what you can do with however high you get.

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